Phase 1. The Agreement

The Agreement


Enrollment Policy & Agreement

Initial and continued enrollment will be at the discretion of Peace & Piece based upon the best interest of the child named in this Agreement, the expectation that he or she will benefit from the program, and the welfare of the other enrolled children.  Enrollment shall be without regard to race, creed, sex, gender, or national origin.  All information regarding children and families is kept confidential.

Currency of Information in Child's File

The child's primary parent or guardian is required to update the information furnished herein as necessary, with all changes, corrections, and additions initialed and dated by the child's primary parent or guardian.  The child's primary parent or guardian must notify Peace & Piece of all relevant changes, including but not limited to changes in: phone numbers, work addresses, home addresses, emergency contacts, and the identities of individuals other than the child's primary parent or guardian who are authorized to pick up the child.

Scheduled Closing Dates, Payment Information, & Late Penalties

Peace & Piece will be closed in observance of the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  Peace & Piece will also be closed on days of inclement weather when closing is determined necessary by Peace & Piece.  Students will not be booked for classes or play sessions on scheduled closed dates.  There is no tuition discount or refund for unscheduled absences or center closings.  All payments are due by the time of services rendered.  If a check is returned unpaid by the bank, a service charge of $30 will be assessed.  If the child is not picked up by closing time, a late fee is charged of $2 per minute that the child remains on the premises after the center is closed, payable at the time the child is picked up.

Outside Services

The primary parent or guardian agrees not to arrange with Peace & Piece staff members for off-site tutoring or care of the child.  Any staff member of Peace & Piece who agrees to provide off-site services for children enrolled at Peace & Piece undertakes such service completely on his or her own behalf and in violation of Peace & Piece terms of employment, placing his or her continued employment with Peace & Piece in jeopardy.  Peace & Piece staff members are selected and retained on the basis of their fitness to render educational services in a controlled and fully supervised environment.  Peace & Piece offers no assurance of the fitness of its staff members to perform these and other services in an environment which is not professionally supervised, and none should be implied or inferred.

Termination of Enrollment

Appropriate and non-disruptive behavior is expected of all students.  Any student's enrollment may be canceled if the student exhibits inappropriate or disruptive behavior, including but not limited to: misuse of materials or equipment, disrespectful treatment of Peace & Piece staff, or disrespectful treatment of other students.


There will be 3 hour iPLAY PASS credit for siblings enrolling together.

There will be 6 hours iPLAY PASS credit for campers enrolling  3 or more weeks.


Store Credit or IPLAY PASS will be given.

Change of Program

Campers are allowed to change their camp program up to 1 week before camp stars if it is feasible. There will be a $10 fee for the change.

Lunch & Snacks

Each full day camper will bring their own lunch and snacks.

Communicable Disease & Medical Emergency Prevention

For the protection of all Peace & Piece guests and students, the child's primary parent or guardian must not bring the child to the center if the child appears ill, has a high fever, is vomiting, or shows other evidence of a communicable disease.  The child's primary parent or guardian must notify Peace & Piece promptly upon the child's diagnosis of a communicable disease.  If the child displays symptoms of a communicable disease while he or she is at Peace & Piece, either the child's primary parent or guardian or another individual authorized to pick up the child must pick him or her up immediately.  The child must be without fever for 24 hours without the aid of any fever reducing medication before returning to the center.  The child's primary parent or guardian must also ensure that the child brings no peanuts or peanut products into the center due to the serious health and allergy concerns related to peanuts.

Medical Authorization

We hereby grant Peace & Piece permission to take whatever action may be necessary in supplying emergency medical services to the child named in this Agreement.  We understand that, consistent with the circumstances of the situation and the time available, Peace & Piece will attempt to contact and follow the instructions of the parent, physician, or other person(s) as designated.  We hereby grant permission to Peace & Piece to contact and comply with the advice of an available physician, ambulance personnel, or emergency room personnel.

Policy Acknowledgment & General Authorization

I have reviewed the policies and provisions of this Agreement, and I hereby grant Peace & Piece permission to include the child named in this Agreement in all program activities and to photograph or videotape the child named in this Agreement while he or she is engaged in Peace & Piece program activities.  I also hereby agree to comply with all of the provisions of this Agreement.