photo_about_pnp_1.jpgPeace & Piece creative learning center at Johns Creek is a place inviting to preschool and school age children with activities designed to extend traditional learning.  Our instructors promote an atmosphere of creation, innovation, and education. Academic enrichment components help children reach their fullest potential in school. 

At Peace & Piece, we offer stimulating experiences tailor-made to support the development of the whole child.  In our project-based programs, children are empowered to learn by doing: strengthening their natural talents while developing new skills and a lifelong love for learning and play. 

We strongly believe in the importance of building collaborative partnerships with families, schools, and the community.  By working together, we can nurture today’s children as tomorrow’s citizens. 

Our Mission


Our Vision

Peace & Piece will be Georgia’s premiere education center where children and families, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, can achieve their full potential by learning through play and playing through learning.  We will prepare today’s child for tomorrow’s world, by teaching our

Five Fundamentals for the Future: 

  • Innovation
  • Planning & Design
  • Cooperation & Communication
  • Focus & Diligence
  • Problem Solving

Our Philosophy

We believe in...

  • Being creative by using pieces Puzzles,  Blocks,  LEGO ®,  K’NEX ®,  ZOOB ®,  Robotics,  and more
  • EDU-tainment – educational fun
  • Learning through play & Playing through Learning
  • Activities to supplement & enrich traditional education
  • Project-based, hands-on learning
  • Preparing children for the future
  • Well educated, trained, and experienced instructors
  • Building collaborative partnerships with families and the community

Why the name Peace & Piece?

We believe that when people are working with pieces they have peace.  We want to remember that each piece is important, and when we put the pieces together, we become stronger as a whole.